Atwood's Rentals

Our property has several areas available to host your special events.  The vineyard is great for larger outdoor parties while the patio or pergola are perfect for smaller gatherings.  The Farmstead is a club house designed for celebrations under roof.  Call (859) 356-1936 or email us at for pricing. 

The Vineyard


carefully cultivated

We plant and harvest specific grapes for the exact desired taste and body of our wines, all in full view of our visitors.


Intimate settings

No matter your cause for celebration, our land will offer you a unique, sophisticated, and unforgettable experience.


Devoted Land

We planted our roots in 2005 and have maintained our family-oriented environment since.

Tasting Room Patio


Cozy surroundings

Enjoy the tastes and aromas of tannin, oak, and grapes in our tasting room.


Weekend fun

Connect with our local community and enjoy live music and local cuisine.



Our patio has the view, the tastes, and the friends to make your experience in Atwood indelible.

The Pergola


Glorious view

 Three breathtaking acres of family-owned vines fully visible from our barn and patio with a serene forested backdrop. 


charming space

A spacious seating area to relax under sun, shade, or shower.


enjoy the sunset

Enjoy long conversations with friends and family away from city lights and under a blanket of stars. 

The Farmstead


Our clubhouse

 The Farmstead is a newly renovated farmhouse dating back to the mid  1930’s.   Enjoy the authentic, new and old design, as it takes you back  in time.   Once inside, you will experience a unique setting perfect for any occasion.   


special events

 Let us host your special event and provide that personal touch  guaranteed to make a memorable evening. The Farmstead can accommodate up  to 50 guests.  We also have additional outdoor seating on our clubhouse patio. 


any occasion

 It has that perfect charm for a small intimate wedding, rehearsal dinner,  or showers with all in the comforts of a cozy atmosphere.  Allow Atwood  Hill Winery to serve your choice of wines at your next meeting or party.